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It is with heavy heart that I pen this farewell.  Nickelby’s has been a passion and a lifestyle that I have nurtured for 39 years. But it is time. The hurdles were many, the effort demanding, but the overall experience was amazing.  This community is wonderful and has always been supportive and lifelong friendships have been forged.


It has been an honor to serve you.  I have done my best to provide good service, good quality and good value.  Nickelby’s has served four generations of families who have graciously included us in their fond and joyful summer memories.  It has been a truly heartwarming journey.

The hundreds of high school and college students who worked here throughout the years were the heart and soul of Nickelby’s.  They made it work.  One of my greatest joys was when an employee from years gone by, would come to visit with their children and share their Nickelby’s memories.  I wish all of them peace and joy, and nothing but success in their dreams and future endeavors.


I leave with gratitude in my heart, and am a better person for having had this experience.


Thank you and farewell.

Mark P.DeLorenzo

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